What Are Casino Bonuses?

Casino bonuses are incentives provided by online casinos with the primary aim of giving you something back for signing up and making a deposit, you can say it’s their way of saying, Thank You! So what’s actually in it for you? Well, there are various types of bonuses, but they more often than not tend to be a monetary value depending on how much your first deposit is.

The general rule of thumb is that the more you deposit the more you’ll get back (up to a maximum amount set by the casino). The most popular offers tend to be “matched bonuses” (the casino will match your deposit), free spins, and no deposit offers. Any bonus offer that you are entitled to upon signing up to the casino can be classed as a welcome bonus.

Online casinos have used bonuses for decades to draw the attention of potential casino players and usually, the bigger and flashier they are, the more players are drawn in. However, players should consider all online casino criteria to make a well-informed decision, and not just rush into a decision based on the bonus alone.

The amount that you are offered in a bonus can vary widely. The vast majority of online casinos will only offer you a bonus on the basis that a minimum deposit is made. This weeds out the players who genuinely want to join and those who are just out for a free bonus (often referred to as bonus hunters).

In addition to the minimum deposit, there’s also a set of terms and conditions that players will need to abide by in order to gain eligibility for claiming the bonus in the first place and then cashing out thereafter. It’s essential that you understand these terms and conditions thoroughly before parting with your own money, since if the terms and conditions aren’t met then the bonus is essentially forfeited.