Types of First Deposit Bonus

There are various types of bonus available on your first deposit and we’ve listed the most popular below:

Matching your First Deposit

Online casinos will offer a percentage match back on the deposit you make, most commonly 100% and 200% match back, although we have seen percentages as high as 500%! Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:

Casino A is offering 100% up to £100, if you deposit £50, Casino A will match your deposit of £50, giving you another £50 to play with as bonus funds, that’s a whopping £100 to play with! By doubling your account balance you’re doubling your chances to win!

Casino B is offering 500% up to £100, if your deposit £50, Casino B will give you 500% of £50 (i.e. 5x your bonus value), giving you an incredible £250 in bonus funds! That means you’ll have a total account balance of £300. You’ve increased your chances of winning by 5 times!

Free Spins on First Deposit

Many online casinos will also offer free spins upon making your first deposit. This is a great incentive as your bonus is essentially converted into free spins as opposed to money.

Free spins tend to be available on selected games only, and your maximum payout on any given slot machine will also be capped. Each free spin is usually worth approximately 10p – 20p so this makes a great alternative to the traditional match back offer. The only drawback is the lack of flexibility on playing other games, which you could do with bonus money, so if slot’s don’t float your boat then a cash bonus will probably be a better option for you!